So what are deodorant droplets, anyway??

aluminum-free biodegradable compostable earth-friendly fragrance-free plastic-free preservative-free refillable sustainable unisex Vegan

Deodorant droplets are a solution for the adventurous, spontaneous, earth-lovin' risk-takers and trail-blazers. For the weird and mindful, spiritual and joyful, and anyone in between who just wants to make our Earth a better place while being kinder to our bodies.

Strange Woods deodorant droplets are vegan, plastic-free, baking soda-free, aluminum-free, palm oil-free, preservative-free, fragrance-free, travel-friendly, and refillable products that are changing the way we think about our hygiene care. Refillable glass containers and compostable pouches and tubes eliminate the need for plastic. The shape and size of the droplets eliminate the need for multiple travel containers (which are usually plastic), and the refillable travel tube is perfect to fit in your pocket, your car, beach bag - really anywhere!

And have you ever had something melt in your hot car or under the hot sun? With the travel tube you can push up any melted product and use as a stick, or pop right out and replace! 

Deodorant droplets are also super moisturizing and great for your skin, so you can simply rub into your hands or cuticles after applying to your underarms and it's a 2-for-1!

And last but not least, deodorant drops provide a MUCH CLEANER way of applying deodorant! Instead of swiping the same, dirty, bacteria-filled stick under your arms every day, you get a fresh droplet every day! And if someone forgets their deodorant you can actually share without them swiping your stick on their dirty pits!

So, let's face it - it's time to rethink your old deodorant and step into the Strange Woods.



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