Be Your Own Formulation Chemist - Courses and Educational Material

Ever thought about starting your own skincare line but don't have the funds or desire to hire a cosmetic chemist for your formulas? These courses have been designed for you! 

Information has been compiled by our cosmetic chemist who has over a decade of formulation experience, as well as 15+ years of experience in product manufacturing, testing, packaging, and marketing. She has put all her knowledge into one spot and made it ridiculously easy for anyone to follow along and succeed. In these courses, you will be provided with step-by-step instructions on how to create a winning product, from start to finish. You'll even get some advice on which suppliers to use!

If it has ever crossed your mind to start your own skincare brand, we'll walk you through how to make that dream a reality. Stop dreaming about it and start working toward that goal right now!