Behenyl Behenate, CAS number: 17671-27-1

Behenyl Behenate, CAS number: 17671-27-1

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Behenyl Behenate

CAS number:
1-Docosanol, docosanoate, Behenic acid behenyl ester, Docosyl behenate, n-Docosyl n-docosanoate, Behenyl behenate, Behenic behenate
CAS Index Name:
Docosanoic acid, docosyl ester
Molecular formula:
Molecular weight:

Behenyl Behenate is a naturally derived, high purity mono-ester wax. Behenyl Behenate has good thermal stability, very narrow thermal phase change, film forming properties, and wide compatibility in different solvents. Behenyl Behenate can be used as a natural structuring and gelling agent, especially in color cosmetics and other sticks. In combination with Behenyl Behenate can be used as a vegan replacement for beeswax in combination with Polyhydroxystearic Acid. In addition, granulated Behenyl Behenate can be used as a natural replacement for polyethylene exfoliating beads.

Melting point 70 - 74°C (158 - 165°F). Acid value < 2 mg KOH/g. Saponification value 79 - 89 mg KOH/g.

Warm to melt before use. Add to fat phase in formulas requiring emulsification. Typical use level 1-20%. For external use only.

Color cosmetics, stick cosmetics incl. lipsticks, lip balms, deodorants. Skin and hair care products.