Zinc Lactate Dihydrate, purified powder CAS 63179-81-7

Zinc Lactate Dihydrate, purified powder CAS 63179-81-7

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Zinc Lactate Dihydrate CAS 63179-81-7 is a multifunctional personal care ingredient. It shows anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and is therefore used in skin care applications including anti-acne products where it helps reducing and controlling microorganisms. Thanks to its skin soothing properties,
it acts as an astringent in shaving products and consequently prevents skin irritations and inflammation. Lastly, zinc lactate reduces and controls plaque in oral care products.

Zinc lactate has a high and stable solubility of 55 g/L, equivalent to 1.27 g zinc in 100 mL. Zinc lactate dihydrate has several functions. Its antimicrobial qualities and ability to reduce or inhibit the formation of dental plaque make it ideal for use in dental care products

Zinc Lactate Dihydrate Purified Powder can be used as a dietary ingredient and as a nutrient. Zinc is an important antioxidant nutrient. It is necessary for protein synthesis, wound healing, for blood stability, normal tissue function, and aids in the digestion and metabolism of phosphorus. It also governs the contractility of muscles and maintains the body’s alkaline balance

Chemical Formula Zn(C3H5O3)2 · 2H2O
CAS Number 63179-81-7
Molecular Weight 279.5
Use Nutrient; Dietary Ingredient, Oral Care
Description White powder
Mineral Content (For formulation guidance/Not a specification)Zn (as-is): 22.0% - 24.5%

Functions and typical dosage
Minimum Maximum
recommended amount recommended amount
■ Skin soothing 0.5%-4.0%
■ Deodorant 1.0%-3.0%
■ Anti-plaque and
anti-bacterial (toothpaste) 1.0%-4.0%
■ Anti-plaque and
anti-bacterial (mouthwash) 0.1%-0.4%